Fighter Launch Bay
Bays like this serve to launch Marine Fighters that lend support to landing craft and starships during Maquis operations.
Ground Rank Insignia Abbreviation
General g-gen.jpg (4639 bytes) Gen
LT General g-ltgen.jpg (4328 bytes) LtGen
Major General g-mgen.jpg (3960 bytes) MajGen
Brigadier General g-bgen.jpg (3673 bytes) BrigGen
Force Colonel g-col.jpg (3265 bytes) FCol
Colonel g-col.jpg (3265 bytes)
LT. Colonel g-ltcol.jpg (2969 bytes) LtCol
Major g-maj.jpg (3060 bytes) Maj
Marine Captain g-mcapt.jpg (2818 bytes) MCapt
1st Lieutenant g-1lt.jpg (2694 bytes) 1Lt
2nd Lieutenant g-2lt.jpg (2758 bytes) 2Lt
Cadet 4th Year cadet4.jpg (7708 bytes) C4
Cadet 3rd Year cadet3.jpg (7658 bytes) C3
Cadet 2nd Year cadet2.jpg (7416 bytes) C2
Cadet 1st Year cadet1.jpg (7147 bytes) C1

Marine Rank Insignia Abbreviation
Sergeant Major of Marine Corps g-smajsf.jpg (3249 bytes) MSGTMAJ
Command Sergeant Major g-smajsf.jpg (3249 bytes) CSGTMAJ
Sergeant Major g-smajsf.jpg (3249 bytes) SGTMAJ
First Sergeant g-msgt.jpg (3110 bytes) 1stSGT
Gunnery Sergeant g-gsgt.jpg (3090 bytes) GSGT
Staff Sergeant g-ssgt.jpg (3070 bytes) SSGT
Sergeant g-sgt.jpg (3022 bytes) SGT
Corporal g-cpl.jpg (2917 bytes) CPL
Lance Corporal g-pvt1.jpg (3045 bytes) LCPL
Private 1st Class g-pvt.jpg (2955 bytes) PFC
Private g-pvt.jpg (2955 bytes) PVT